We aim to bring the organic joy and raw power of the Arctic nature to the Australian brekkie bowls.

Wild Forest Food - Uniquely Organic

Wild foods grow without pesticides or fertilisers in the environment mother nature intended for them. No cultivation means no fields, no watering, electricity or other resources are used for upkeep or to increase production. Survival of the fittest in the arctic conditions ensure they are strong, vibrant and nutritious by nature. We aim to provide wild and organic products to let nature shine at its brightest.  

Nordic Nature - Distinctive and Pure

The environmental conditions of Finland, located in the Northern Europe, are unique in their dark snowy winters and warm summers with abundant sunlight reaching well into the night. The harsh and unique seasons have created nutritious and delicious wild foods that have a long history in Nordic everyday meals and in traditional herbal medicine. Finnish nature is one of the cleanest in the world, and majority of the landscape is covered in forest and spotted with lakes providing an abundant wild harvest.


100% Berries & Herbs

The berry powders are made with whole berries – they are not side products of juicing or other processes. The skin and seeds of the berries with their concentrations of phenolic compounds are not wasted. The aim is to preserve as much of the natural benefits as possible. Herbs equally are simply dehydrated and crushed. There is no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours, preservatives or other additives in the products. All products are non-GMO.



Proudly Australian Owned. Proudly Finnish Grown.